Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Running in the Light

Light is very important to us in so many ways! I love the way light streams in my new studio's windows. Light is what makes stained glass beautiful. We walk in the Light when we walk with Jesus, the Light of the World.

And, on a more practical level, light makes it safer to get around. My husband is a runner, and he is delighting in the fact that he can now run in the light. He used to have to get up before dawn 80% of the year to get his daily run in before work began at 7 am.

Not anymore! Since "retiring" from the Mayo Clinic and beginning his second career as a pastor of the Jicarilla Apache Reformed Church, he has been running in the light. His hours are much more flexible now (read that to mean: People call on him for assistance at all hours of the day and night), and he has been running in the daylight. It's one of many small joys of our new situation.

Some other joys, large and small:

1) We feel very welcome here. As soon as people realize that we have moved here, that we live here, they are amazingly helpful and kind. For example, our almost-7-yr-old and I were hiking up to Dulce Rock last weekend, and we were having difficulty getting to the base of the hill. We found ourselves twice in someone's yard or driveway, trying to figure out how to get through the fences without trespassing.

The first time, a neighbor challenged us, and upon hearing that we were the "new preacher's family," walked us to a break in the fences, and instructed us on how to avoid a cantankerous dog in the next block. The second time, an older man ignored us entirely until I introduced ourselves, then he pointed us to where we could catch a pathway toward our goal.

2) We have settled into our home, and we love it! All of the boxes are open and emptied (Well, almost all of them!), and I have deep-cleaned most of the house. It was in pretty good shape, actually, but I feel better after I scrub everything personally. Kat has an amazing closet, with enough shelf-space for ALL of her toys, and Brad has a closet in his office that is big enough to be a "man cave," as he puts it. My glass studio is awesome and I am busy working on some new designs for winter. I need to get selling some pieces because that's how I fund our homeschool materials and field trips.

3) I have found a walking route that I love! No more dogs...on this route the dogs are all tied up or fenced in. Well, except one. And I'm trying to make friends with him. He doesn't seem to be a biter,  but I prefer that he doesn't follow me anyway. And I seem to finally be adjusted to the altitude... no more headaches when I walk or bike or climb.

4) Our wee one has found several friends and routines that fill her days. We are still missing our homeschooling best buddy and his family, but we have found a great public library, a wonderful swimming pool, lots of fun places to bike and hike, and other things to do. We've even hooked up with a theater class and a homeschool co-op, both in a nearby town on the same days! We are feeling very blessed as our daughter settles into a positive routine.

And 5) My new-pastor husband seems to be developing successful routines, too. He has visited people from the congregation, created an hour of prayer for all comers, established office hours, and even made a run to the nearest Sam's Club (90 miles away!) to purchase treats for the roller skating on Friday nights. His sermons have been meaningful, and it's good to see him preparing sermons during the day instead of after his "day job."

All in all, our family is running in the light these days. It is good to be blessed in so many ways.

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