Saturday, March 30, 2013


It seems our whole personal lives have been filled with waiting the past couple of years... But today my mind is filled with the knowledge that we Christians are all waiting on Easter. And I don't mean that we're waiting to watch our wee ones chase through the snow (at least in MN) to find Easter eggs, although that will be fun.

The whole Christian world is (or should be) waiting on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Some 2000 years ago, Jesus' followers weren't waiting; they thought Jesus and his movement were done. Gone. They were grieving the loss of their teacher, friend, and companion.

Not us. We know: Sunday's comin'. Our grief on Friday is for our own part in Jesus' pain. Instead of being sad on Saturday, we can anticipate the joy of resurrection! What delight, that God loves us enough to choose such sacrifice to redeem us. We are blessed beyond measure, and this season is the heart of blessing!

And on a personal note: My husband has been invited to preach for a congregation in New Mexico on April 14th. We will visit as a family for several days prior to that date. We welcome your prayers for all concerned, that God's will would be done in this, as in all things.

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