Wednesday, March 20, 2013


That didn't take long, did it? If you read my post yesterday, you know that I have been struggling lately...feeling stuck in the muck of life. While rereading my post last night, I had many voices running through my head. Some were generic, saying things like, "Get off the pity pot, Robin!" Some were specific, like my mother's voice: "You can't think your way out of depression, you have to ACT your way out!"

One was quiet, respectful. This morning my husband handed me a devotional book that he has enjoyed in the past, saying, "If you're seeking some guidance in your faith life, this might be a good fit."

In prayer, yesterday and today, I was reminded that I am loved unconditionally by God the Father, saved without merit or work by God the Son, and filled by God the Spirit. A line from the devotional book struck me: "Remind yourself you are in God's Presence." It still takes my breath away to really think about that. Me? Yep.

But it's not about me; at least it's not supposed to be. And when I think that, I realize that it's not about fulfilling my husband's deep desire to serve God as a pastor in a church. Nor is it about whether my daughter is behaving or not. And it's certainly not about whether I get to swim, bike, or kayak...

It's about God. His plan. His will. His timing. His presence. His grace. His loving plan for our lives.

I'm not in different circumstances today, but I am in a different place. And I thank God for that, and pray that he continues to sustain me through this waiting time. Amen.

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