Sunday, March 24, 2013


I've posted a couple of times this week, once to express my frustration with circumstances in my life, and once to share how God put things back in perspective. My heart was changed, filled with peace, and recentered on God's will and work in my life.

And, WOW! Things have shaken loose regarding life's circumstances in the past few days! My husband received an invitation to visit a New Mexico congregation and preach for them. This is usually the last step before inviting someone to accept a call to ministry. We have been in prayer specifically for this congregation for some time, feeling a pull to be involved with them; my husband's skills and personality seem a good fit with the fellowship.

Secondly, my elbow pain has diminished significantly. I attributed this to not-swimming for a few days, but even when I swam a couple of days, the pain has not returned! I still have to see the doctor tomorrow and address the bony overgrowth in the joint, but if it's not painful, perhaps I have options other than surgery.

Even homeschooling has improved in the past week. We had only one outburst in all of last week. That compares with 5-10 daily before that! I have no explanation for our daughter's positive attitude, but I am delighted with it.

And you know what I'm most grateful for???

That my attitude and thinking were corrected by God before all of these positive changes in my circumstances. That I can rest assured that the peace filling my heart is not because of the changes in my life circumstances, but because God loves me, and when I called out to Him, He answered. That brings me great joy.

I'm also thankful for the positive changes in my situation, but the greatest blessing is knowing that I am in God's loving care.

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