Thursday, August 8, 2013

Here I Am

This week, after 5 years of studies and 2 years of searching for a church call, my husband was ordained as a pastor. This was, of course, a cause for much celebration, but even more, it was filled with the joy of the Lord. My husband and I have longed for the opportunity to serve Him in a church... and we are soon leaving for Dulce, New Mexico, to do just that!

The song Here I Am, Lord has been running through my head for the past couple of weeks, thinking about Brad's ordination. I couldn't remember all the words, so I searched for it on Youtube, and then I got to wondering...

Which of God's people was answering with "Here I am"? So I did a search on my Bible app and found three Biblical men who answered God by saying, "Here I am, Lord."

The first was Moses. God was calling to him from inside a burning bush; how spectacular! What a call! After Moses answered God with "Here I am," Moses tried to get out of what God called him to do. He didn't want to go talk to Pharaoh and demand that Pharaoh let God's people go. He did eventually follow God's directions and God performed a mighty work in freeing God's people.

Then there was Isaiah. His call involved telling the people of God many things they just didn't want to hear. But Isaiah was faithful, and spoke God's truths all through his life. He even speaks to us today through his book in the Bible.

And finally, there was Samuel. He was just a boy, serving Eli in the temple, when God called him in the night. At first, Samuel didn't recognize God's voice and thought it was Eli calling him, but later he understood that it was God Himself calling his name. God gave a message through Samuel to Eli regarding the sins of Eli's house. Samuel was reluctant to give the message, but Eli insisted that Samuel tell him everything as God had said. Eli accepted God's message as the Truth.

God's call is nothing to take lightly. Saying "Here I am, Lord" is the only acceptable answer! I am blessed that my husband has heard God's call on him to be a pastor. Many will be blessed to receive Brad's leadership at the Jicarilla Apache Reformed Church. I am looking forward to seeing God's work come to fruition!

And I'm not along for a "free ride," I expect God to call me to His work in Dulce, New Mexico, also. I do not know what my call will be, yet, but I will be searching, listening, and watching to discover what I am called to do in the community.

And I will say, "Here I am, Lord!"

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  1. It takes courage and willingness to "submit" in order to say "Here I am, Lord" and to follow where He leads you. I am joyful for both of you as you go and do His work. God bless you!