Wednesday, August 21, 2013


It's been an easy thought to follow God's Call to Dulce, NM, overall. But this past week has been full of good-byes, which aren't very easy...

We've said good-bye to dear friends, to grandchildren and adult children, to our siblings, to our church family, to our parents, to co-workers and more. Our daughter's birth family came to say good-bye.

We know it's not like we're moving to the furthest reaches of Asia or something, but New Mexico is a long way from most of the people we know and love.

And now we've got the boxes packed, we're praying all the "stuff" fits into the 26-foot truck we rented, and we're ready to load the truck tomorrow morning. We will have the truck and our Subaru, pulling a trailer full of kayaks.

I'm getting ready to pack up my computer, but wanted to write one more post before I shut it down. It will be at least a week before we have internet access again, other than spotty public access. And what do I want to say???

I want to say this:

I am really sad we're leaving all of you. Truly. But the emotion on the forefront of my heart right now is excitement, not sorrow! I am so very deeply excited to be following God's Call into service with the Jicarilla Apache people. I know my husband's skills and personality are a fabulous fit for this congregation. I know that I will find meaningful work and service to do in Dulce. I know that our daughter will grow into an amazing person there.

How could I feel anything but excitement? This is God's work, God's plan! I can't wait to get started with it.

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