Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Plugging Away

 I am in the middle of building several pieces that have been ordered. I'm amazed that I am getting orders from people I've never met! It's God's blessing that people have seen my pieces online or at a friend's home and pursue purchasing one from me.

None of these orders is for an original piece, which is fine. I have one artistic piece I've worked on some, but I need to finish up these pieces that are ordered first.

So, it kind of feels like I'm plugging away at an "assignment" or something. Homework, maybe? The pieces have some technically difficult spots, but I don't have to redesign them. Not much innovation or creativity needed!

I've had times in my faith life that felt like that. Nothing incredibly exciting, but just steadily engaging in the tasks that are in front of me: Reading the Word, praying, worshiping with God's people, completing my devotional activities, etc.

Is there something wrong with me at those times? Am I farther away from God than I am when I am excited and enthusiastic? The corollary is "Am I less of a stained glass artist when I am completing pieces like these pictured today?"


I don't think so in either case! When I am completing pieces like these in my glass studio, I am still pursuing my art. I am still selecting glass and completing the technical work necessary to create the piece. Plus, they're my designs in the first place.

And when I am plugging along with my spiritual disciplines, I am still seeking God. Plus, I am God's woman in the first place. He chooses to be close to me; it is not my work that puts me there!

Therefore, as I'm "plugging away" at life, there is nothing missing, nothing wrong. It's just a day in my life in which I get to be an artist and am loved by God.
Such Amazing Grace.

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