Sunday, January 15, 2012

Inspired Glass

After my initial inspired piece, "God's Garden," I didn't really expect to receive inspiration ever again, let alone regularly! Instead, God has given me guidance for my glass designs each and every time.

Another of my early pieces is unnamed. I created it for my mother, a dear woman who was named "Grandma Heart" by some of her grandchildren. She is a woman of faith, so I juxtaposed hearts with a cross. This piece remains installed in the home she lived in when I made it for her.

When my parents moved into a condo, I made them this piece for above their entry door:
The word is Hebrew for Jesus. All who enter their home view it as they arrive.

This piece was a wedding gift for my husband, Brad. I was teaching when we got engaged, and I asked him for an outline of his hand one day, telling him it was for a class project. Then I used that (and an outline of my hand) to design "What God Has Joined." The green/blue of the hands is one of my favorite glasses. It's a hand-made glass with lots of texture and color.

When my husband and I married four+ years ago, we had a window in our house that was crying out for stained glass. It's a half-bath in the front of the house; the window is alongside our front door. My inspiration came all at once, like "God's Garden." This time, I envisioned flowing water and blazing fire come through the hand of God: "In His Hands" is the result.
I will share a few more completed windows in my next blog. It amazes me that God gives me inspiration and the ability to build these beautiful window panels. I am blessed by each one, and I can't wait to see what He has in mind next!

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