Monday, January 23, 2012

Every Feather: Blue, Too!

I told the story of this red feather, entitled "Every Feather," a few days ago. It was a frustrating piece to create, but well worth it! I love the detail and the textures of all the red glass pieces. This was one of three pieces that I shared at an art show in late 2011. It was my first art show, and I loved it, too! Here's a picture of the wonderful display that my mom and dad helped me build to show the glass best.
Prior to this art show, I had never put my glass for sale commercially. I usually made pieces for friends or family. I have occasionally created something for someone who paid me, but it's never been even enough to pay for materials, let alone my time. The reaction from the public during this art show made me realize that my beloved hobby could become a money-maker. I set about learning about how to make sales legally, paying my taxes, etc.

This month, January 2012, I officially registered my business name, A Glimpse of Grace. I also got my federal and state ID numbers. I'm opening a business checking account. It's been a little overwhelming in many ways, but I am excited to be able to share my glass more widely.

I am continuing to make my own artistic series framed in found window frames, but I'm also trying to make some pieces that are less expensive. My Valentine's Day piece, highlighted in my last blog entry, is the first of my holiday specials. I originally made three pieces and posted them on my facebook page. I sold those three in about a week. Then yesterday, when I was in my studio making another "One Great Love" for someone, my phone received three messages ordering "One Great Love."

I was excited, but UGH! I didn't want my glass-making to turn into drudgery. I wanted to make my next piece! Then, as I was building "One Great Love" again, I realized that I had a unique opportunity: I could pray for the person(s) I was creating for. Instead of feeling pressured, I began to feel blessed. Another good lesson from "One Great Love!"

Here is my finished "Every Feather: Blue." This one has even more textured glass than the red version. I love it! The glass itself measures 20x16 inches. The frame makes it about 22x19 inches. The price is $275.00. I'm hoping that it stays with me long enough to show at an art show! I plan on doing THAT again. :)

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