Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Not a "Normal" Christian.

Last night, our family attended a "Singspiration" service at the local Assemblies of God church. The churches of Dulce get together like this about 3 times a year, gathering all God's people into one of our churches to celebrate and worship as one. It's a joyous time!

Gathering with God's people of different traditions is an interesting experience, and I love it! Hearing different styles of music is delightful, and participating in various forms of prayer is fun and enlightening.

Each gathered church led some songs, and several people sang solos or duets they had prepared. Many folks gave their testimony, and one in particular struck me.

This person pulled the microphone closer and started by saying, "You can probably tell by looking that I'm not a normal Christian."

Not a "normal" Christian. It stopped me in my tracks. I looked around at the Christians gathered to praise God together, and I noticed:

1. Most were Native American. Not surprising since we live on a reservation.
2. There were more women than men, but not by much.
3. Many of God's gathered people had tattoos and/or piercings.
4. Very few of the attendees wore something other than jeans. Quite a few sweatshirts, too. And
    tennis shoes.

I fit several of those descriptions myself last night. My thoughts went back to the person who was singing about Jesus saving his/her life. "Normal" described him/her quite well. Just a normal, everyday Christian in this place we live.

I was filled with joy to praise God with these folks. The only thing that makes one a Christian is loving Jesus and trusting Him to forgive your sins. I wish all Christians could gather, ignoring the petty differences we have, finding the common ground of Jesus, and praise Him.

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