Monday, June 25, 2012


Today I am overwhelmed by gratitude, by God's grace in my life. Right here. Right now. I just read the blog post of a friend who is going through chemo. Was she whining about having cancer? Nope. Was she lamenting the loss of her health? Not a chance. Was she expressing anger at her situation: 5 kids and cancer? No way. She was thanking God for the blessings in her life.

Now, I'm not really a whiner, either. I am content with life, even in our waiting mode. I haven't let a leaking ceiling in our bedroom (yes, really!) color my days gray. But, am I really, truly, grateful? How do I show it?

This piece is created for the blessing of twin boys!

I often say "Thank you, God." Thank you for my children, all five of them. Thank you for the two attending school and working, and for the two working, and for the one that is with us every day. Each is a blessing!

Thank you, Holy Father, for my marriage. For the Godly man you dropped in my lap when I decided I was never going to marry again. For his faith, his love, his support and his kind spirit. Thank you for the daddy he has turned out to be, when neither of us expected to parent again.

Thank you, Jesus, for my faith. For the fulfillment of promises made. For working in me to remake me every single day. For the grace poured out on my life, which has been filled with mistakes and sin.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the gift of being able to work with glass. It brings me great joy, and You are glorified in it.

As I write, it seems a little like writing a list for Santa or something. A litany of my blessings. Not nearly important enough for how very much the Lord has blessed me. Each of these things on my "list" is important, but just listing them and saying "Thank You" doesn't seem like enough.

This enormous appreciation for all the good in my life (and even the bad) is part of what spurs me to live a life that pleases God. I am so grateful for the blessings of faith, love, family, hope, gifts, etc. that I have to seek God's will in my life! I cannot imagine how empty life would feel if I wasn't amazed at all the good God has given me and done for me.

 Even in the most horrible parts of my life, I see God's hand. In the darkest of my days (which as many of you know, were very dark indeed), I heard God's voice very clearly. I was sustained by Him in my weakness and fear. He promised me a marriage relationship beyond anything I'd ever imagined, and he has provided more than I could ever have anticipated.

I know without a doubt that there are dark days ahead of me, as well as behind me. I am not expected God to remove all difficulty and obstacle from my path, but I know that whatever I face in the future, He will sustain me through it. That surety is one of the greatest blessings of all. Nothing is too big or too bad for God.

What more could I want?

The glass piece above is a sample baby gift for twin boys. I can make it for a single baby, too. Both boys and girls, of course! It's 9x9 inches, framed in zinc with rings for hanging. For a single baby, it's $45.00; for twins it's $50.00. Order this unique gift via email (, telephone (507-292-7202), or on my Facebook page (A Glimpse of Grace).

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