Friday, May 25, 2012


Our family is now living on a small acreage in the city. It is the original farmhouse (built in 1890) and outbuildings (one of which is now my glass studio) for this section of the city. There are between 4.5 and 6 acres of land; we're not exactly sure after the city and state took some of the land for highway development. All I know is that it's a lot to mow!

I took on the mowing when we moved in a couple of months ago. I like to mow (My husband claims not to have known this, but takes great delight in it!). It's a mindless activity, mostly, and I have to do it without the help of a certain (very loved) five-year-old. There is no argument about my doing it alone. And our landlord provides the riding lawn mower and the fuel; all I have to do is mow. That's kind of nice, too.

I just finished the third complete round of mowing...and realized that the first section I mowed this time around already needs to be mowed again! Mowing, like dishes and laundry, needs constant attention. No matter how hard I try to be "done," there is always more to do.

Just like my walk with God. There is rarely a moment when I feel I have "arrived" or "finished" the work in my life of being close to God, but sometimes I'm tempted to sit back and enjoy the progress I've made... And I pray that God will always make me aware of my desperate need to continue reading the Bible, praying, practicing devotions, worshiping, and listening to Him.

Like my landlord, God provides all I need to complete the task of seeking relationship with Him. My main tool is the Bible, with supplements from devotional reading and book studies (and my husband's reading, writing, thinking, and talking). All gifts from God. Even the faith I have in God is a gift from Him! The fuel for my efforts is God's love for me, his never-ending, absolute love for me. I find energy in worship, prayer, being still and listening, knowing that He is God.

Sometimes I get tired of mowing, dishes, and laundry, but I have never gotten tired of reading the Bible, praying, doing devotions, worshiping, and listening to God. That surprises me as I write! I truly haven't ever gotten tired of those efforts to seek God. That's because it's not MY motivation that counts, it's GOD'S, and He never fails. Sometimes I get distracted from reading or praying; sometimes I'm "too busy," but the desire to seek God is given to me from God. I pray that I will never get tired of seeking God my whole life long.

Yes. I know this has had nothing to do with glass, but it has everything to do with grace! God's grace fills me with the desire to know Him more! :)

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