Friday, April 27, 2012


This is my design for Father's Day this year. It is called "Anchored" and is 8x8 inches, framed in zinc, and has rings soldered on for hanging purposes. You can order one on my Facebook page, A Glimpse of Grace, or you can email me at They are $35.00, plus tax and shipping (if needed).

This is one of those designs which came to me in its entirety, complete. I was actually trying to design a piece for Mother's Day when I woke up one night with this design in my head. I love how it turned out! I struggled in taking photos of "Anchored" because the cross just didn't show up well. With or without a flash, the glass just didn't photograph clearly. When you combine the two shots I've posted here, you can begin to sense how the piece looks.

The obvious question is: Does OUR anchor show in our lives?  That's a good question, and deserves to be answered. But I think the more basic question is essential: WHAT are we anchored in?

What is it that holds me firmly in place? What keeps me solidly connected? What keeps me from drifting away? It's NOT the cross I wear around my neck, or the bumper sticker that I see on lots of cars. It's not saying I belong to a church congregation or even attending church regularly. Some of these things might indicate I am anchored; some of these might actually help me stay anchored.

I think what anchors us in our Christian life are the disciplines of being Christian. Disciplines that I'm not always very good at. Things like: Reading the Bible; Praying for Enlightenment; Practicing Devotions; Praying for Others; Worshiping; Praising God; Praying.

I find that I am most anchored when I habitually practice the disciplines of a Christian life. I might not experience instantaneous intimacy with God each time I pray, praise, or worship, but if I make these things habits of life, my walk with God becomes more intimate over time. Sometimes God surprises me with a moment of closeness in the glory of His natural world or a masterpiece of art or music, and I love that! But building a relationship with God takes time and attention, just like building a relationship with anyone.

When I find myself drifting away on the sea of life, I rededicate myself to prayer, worship, reading the Bible, praise and devotional practices. Soon I am anchored anew by God's grace and love. It's a good place to be.

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