Thursday, February 9, 2012


In my more "commercial" mode lately, I've been trying to come up with a design for an Easter gift. I like to keep the cost reasonable, so I'm thinking 8x8 inches or so. My Mother's Day design is 10x5 inches, which is also in that "smaller" range.

Easter was tricky, though. The cross is the obvious symbol of Christianity, but at Easter? Isn't the Truth beyond the cross?? Maybe after the cross?? I couldn't figure out any way to show an empty tomb without lots of dark colors and shapes...not the best technique in glass work!

I am reading The Story, a chronological version of the Bible story. On the cover is a really cool visual: a king's crown whose shadow is a crown of thorns. It's perfect for Easter! But putting all copyright issues aside, it's WAY to complicated for a small glass piece to sell at a reasonable price. I thought of trying to picture Jesus in His glory...but that's too complex, too.

So I came back to the cross. Doesn't it ALWAYS come back to the cross? To Jesus' finished work in accepting the punishment for our sins? And to make it known that the cross isn't the end, I put streaming lights of glory to represent the resurrection. I want this piece to be joyful! Easter is a celebration.

The title for this piece is "Risen!" It is 8x8 inches, with rings for hanging. Each one will have different glass, but all the crosses will be brown with some multi-colored streaks. The hill will be green; and the background will be filled with streams of glory. It is available for $35.00, plus tax and shipping (if needed). I have already sold several, so if you want to order one, do so soon (! Visit my facebook page (A Glimpse of Grace) to keep up on my designs and sales. "Like" the page while you're there to get updates as I design and build pieces.

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