Friday, February 3, 2012


This is my latest glass piece; I completed the glazing yesterday. I started framing it today, but despite my best efforts to plan ahead, I've had to shave away wood from the frame to make it fit. This is another piece that was definitely inspired, although the design didn't come to me in its entirety. Instead, this one came as a theme: Creation.

I struggled with the design for a while; "Creation" is a pretty big topic! I read and reread and reread the creation story in Genesis, in many different translations. It always seems to help me understand the Bible when I can read several translations of the same passage. (This has gotten easier with my iPhone!) In every translation, God called his creation "good."

Good. Not excellent, or fabulous, or exquisite, or stunning, or superb, even though all those adjectives are fitting. God called it good. When I reflect on God's creation, "good" seems inadequate. But that's what God called it.

In contemplating this over a couple of weeks, I realized that since God is perfect, "good" has to be the right word. Imagine that! God was right again! And I named my piece on the theme of creation "Good." The period is there because "good" IS enough. Hopefully, it reminds me that God's way is the right way, even when I can't understand it.

My final design for "Good." utilized several elements that are new for me. I used three rock slices (agate) and one glass tile. It was a challenge to incorporate them into the design accurately. I learned some techniques as I went, and I will definitely try it again.

But for now, this piece is ready to frame and it is "Good."

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