Thursday, May 19, 2016

Renegade Sheep

A few weeks ago, we were on the Navajo Reservation for a marathon (My husband runs, not me!). My daughter and I did our usual: Cheered for Dad at the start, went out for breakfast, and went back to watch the race finish.

When we came back to the finish, I parked the car on the side of the road and got out of the car to see a racing sheep within arms' reach! I had never before seen a sheep run so fast! I giggled, guffawed, and yelled for my daughter to look as the sheep sprinted away. I also grabbed my phone and caught this image:

I have laughed about this many times in the past few weeks, showing it to several of my friends. One of them said, "Oh! That's just like usisn't it? 

Yep. Just like us.

Over and over, we run away from God. Sometimes we sprint... sometimes we meander... sometimes we follow the herd...

And we find ourselves far away from God. From our refuge and our strength. From the blessings He bestows upon us so freely.

We might end up in a relationship that doesn't glorify God (Been there. Done that.). We might find our selves deep in the mire of a sin we thought we had "conquered" long ago (Done that, too.). We might just realize that some activity, interest, or person has become an idol (Yep. That one, too.). But in every case, we find that we are far, far away from our eternal salvation.

What do we do then???

Just like the Prodigal Son, we turn back to find our Father waiting to envelop us in His loving arms. He is ready to restore us at any moment! He is there to shepherd us back to safety, to blessing, to refuge.

We return with nothing. He again gives us everything, including salvation. Praise God Almighty! Turn back. Ask Him to rescue you.

Life is waiting! His life. Eternal life.

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