Sunday, January 4, 2015


"By Our Love" is available for $60.00
 These are this first two versions of a new design called "By Our Love." It is a small piece, 8x8 inches, but has many small pieces of glass, as you can see. The very first version of the piece is pictured to the left. If you look very carefully, you will see a couple of changes that were made before I built the second piece (pictured below).

Certainly, the colors were rearranged, but so were a couple of the shapes of pieces. I found the first version very difficult to build, so I rearranged a couple of pieces to make it easier.

I rearranged something else this morning, too. I have been trying very hard to start my day with Bible reading, devotions, and prayer. I have a Bible app that has devotional plans in it. I have chosen one in particular to follow.


Valentine's Day? "By Our Love" is perfect!
I keep getting sidetracked in the  mornings... I think, "Oh, I'll just read this email. It's from my mom, so it's important." or "I want to see what so-and-so said on Facebook." And then half an hour later, I've read all my Facebook updates or emails... and I haven't read my Bible.

It's so easy to get sidetracked. So easy.

The other morning, I picked up my phone to read the Bible. I swiped my phone to get to the Bible app... and I realized something I could do. It was so simple! I can't believe I didn't think of it before! On my phone, there are four apps that are locked in place while the rest of them are on several screens that I swipe to get to. Those four apps were at the bottom of every page. The phone app, the mail app, the camera app, and the music app.  (I was a little proud that Facebook wasn't there!)

So I took the mail off the dock and put the Bible app on the dock. Now it's on every screen. Just a small rearrangement, but it will make me more aware of the Bible and less aware of my  email.

What else could I rearrange in my life so simply that would increase the time I spend with God? I thought a bit, and came up with another. I am trying to memorize scripture, and one of the tools I use is Scripture Typer, a program that tracks my practice and reviews in typing passages I'm trying to memorize. Instead of opening the program when I am ready to type scripture (which happened almost never), I open the program in a separate window when I start my computer for the day. I am practicing scripture multiple times per day instead of once a week or less! So simple.

I am continuing to look for ways to rearrange things so that I am intentionally spending more time with God. What could you do?? Please share your ideas with me, so I can grow, too!

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