Wednesday, February 5, 2014


The road to the Post Office
"Do you want a ride home?" I didn't understand the woman at first. We were in the post office and had exchanged pleasantries upon arriving. She had even joked with me about getting my exercise in by walking to the post office. I didn't really know the woman; I've seen her around, but didn't know her name.

"Do you want a ride home?" she repeated. I said, "No thanks" out of habit, then realized that I'd just been given the gift of hospitality and friendship. I reconsidered, "You know, with this box, I think I would like a ride." We got into her truck and headed away from the post office.

I wondered if she knew where I lived. She didn't ask, and since I'm one of the only Anglo women in town, it was possible she knew. I was quiet, and she drove me directly home. "Thank you," I said as I exited the truck.

Feeling delightfully a part of the community of Dulce, I started thinking about the whole incident. I realized that being known was a wonderful thing. Chances are, most of the residents of Dulce could have done the same thing!

And then I asked myself, I wonder if everyone in my life knows where my home truly is. Evidently, everyone here knows where my physical home is... but is it as obvious where my heart's home is? Is my belonging to heaven as strong as my belonging in the parsonage?

I doubt it.

But it is certainly something for me to think about and work on. I am called to belong to Jesus Christ in Romans 1:6. In Galatians 5, the fruits of the spirit are delineated for those who belong to Jesus Christ. Does my life exemplify those fruits: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control....

And if I am honest with myself, I know that those fruits of the spirit have increased over the years of God's work in my life, but I am not overflowing with them.


Philippians 1:6 assures me that He will continue His good work in me... to its finish.

Thank God!

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