Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Son Rise

My husband wrote today about our first 100 days in Dulce. That thought had crossed my mind, too; that 100 days might be a time to reflect on the beginning of our ministry here in New Mexico. Our first hundred days here in Dulce have been delightful, amazing, fun, challenging, energizing, and interesting. I'm sure I forgot a couple of adjectives in there, too!

One thing I am relishing here is my glass studio. It is small, but it is on the main floor in the house! Its location means that I can work on glass while our nearly-7-year-old is playing inside the house. And my studio has windows! Which, in addition to great light, means I can work on glass while our daughter plays outside, too.

I have designed a few pieces since we moved. I find myself drawn to new shapes and colors now, like the design above: Son Rise.  It is my Christmas piece for this year. I have made and sold several of them, and I have enough time to make a few more before Christmas. (If you want to order Son Rise, email me at agoginglass@yahoo.com)

Son Rise was designed as a mesa; mesas surround us here in Dulce, New Mexico! I love the way the sun rises over the mesas... and when I began messing around with a manger design, I immediately saw the sun rising over the mesa in my head. And that idea became Son Rise.

At first, I thought I'd use golds and yellows as the sunbeams, but the various bright colors keep pushing their way into the different versions of Son Rise... and I love the way they've turned out: Bright New-Mexico-y colors! They look great with the ridge in the background (top picture), don't they?

I want Son Rise to represent my life right now: I want Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, to rise up in my life. I want the brilliant colors of Jesus to fill my world, and I would love to be graced to reflect His glory in my life.

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