Thursday, November 15, 2012


This is the first piece I've created since my injury in July. I've done a bit of repair work, but no actual creative pieces. And it's been really difficult! In part, because I don't have the stamina to work for long periods due to pain in my elbow. And in part, because of the frame this piece is being created for.

This frame is perfect in many ways! I love the color and the style. It's unique, and I appreciate that.

But it has only one right angle.

And that makes it difficult to build. I started with the one right angle in the 90 degree corner of my lead board and built outward in all directions. That seemed right, since that is the way I've built all my pieces. But it isn't working. You can see a nail along the bottom of the lead board where I've shimmed out the framing to make it better. It's still not working. It's not right because the other framing pieces are cut at 45 degree angles (that make a 90 degree corner) and the other corners aren't right angles.

ARGH! I just want it to work RIGHT! I can't seem to figure out how to make it right.

And what an analogy for my life right now. I am struggling with several broken relationships. I've tried to the best of my ability to "fix" things, but it's not working. Apologies have been botched or ignored. Mistakes have been made. Emotions are high. I just want it to be all right! I've tried so hard!

But that's just the thing. Right? We can't do it... not without God. I will fail every time that I try to do it myself. I cannot be righteous without Jesus' sacrifice. I can't get it right. I can only give it to God for Him to make right. And even then, right might not be the way I imagine right to be... because it's God's version of right that is truly Right.

I don't know if I will ever get the glass piece right, but I will give the project to God. I'm sure it will be better than anything I can do alone. And I don't know if my struggling relationships will ever be made right, but I give them to God, as well. I lay that burden down at the foot of the cross. And I pray that I will receive guidance in any changes I need to make... and that the others involved will be touched by God's hand, too.


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